Monday, January 28, 2013

The spring SKY is coming: it's what women want.

I love spring.  It is a time of renewal and second chances, longer days and warmer skies.  The theme for this issue is “spring is a verb”. The pages are already filling up with stories, profiles and products that will inspire people about the great things we have to offer and the great people who make the dream of living well in Saskatchewan a reality.

As the publisher, I am committed to the integrity and quality that makes SKY a reputable place to be seen. Our goal is to provide readers with a beautiful and informative magazine that creates value for you, the people who bring the pages to life with your stories, products and services.

I am pleased to tell you that I have increased opportunities for you to be seen without increasing the rates.

The Spring SKY will be released in the first week of March to 32,000 homes in the Regina and Saskatoon areas via Canada Post. Your story will also be uploaded to the SKY Social Media network, which includes the SKY Blogazine, Facebook and Twitter to expand the breadth and reach of the magazine.

In addition, I am excited to bring SKY Magazine to the “What Women Want” show this year where I will be showing off your products, services and businesses to thousands of people over the 3 days.

To appear in the March issue, please contact me before February 10 so that we have time to write your story, plan your photography and get your artwork on the page. 

I am looking forward to showing off the great entrepreneurs for whom spring is a verb.


Lynn Armstrong,

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Spring SKY is coming.

As I look out my window, the sky is a soft shade of white and the wind is blowing. The temperature is dropping.  It's a perfect day to write and maybe practice a little yoga.

I've got spring on my mind, big time.

The Spring Issue of SKY Magazine is underway already and there is no shortage of inspiration for this publisher.

Yesterday, one of my clients said 2013 would be "Lucky 13" because it is the 13th year since she started her business.

Another of my clients shared his evolution plans with me.  Others are preparing for grand openings and new ways of doing business.

It's an exciting time to be here in the Saskatchewan. We are growing and making it happen.

Sometimes we look at economic growth as an external force.  Like something outside of us has created this opportunity and we are merely standing in its way, reaping the benefits.  We have had significant economic stimulation in the mining sector, for example, but potash is not what makes living well in Saskatchewan a reality.

Smart people make it happen.  Over the past 20 plus years as a strategic planner I have learned a few things about what creates successful companies and what kills them and there are four qualities that I look for:  integrity, honesty, delivery and credibility.

Business people who are striving to over deliver and wow the tights off their clients every day are making strides.  Those who are looking for new ways to predict and present what their customers want before they themselves even know it are masters because they understand their clients.  Those who look after the details are the people we trust.  Those who understand and manage the softer side - the people issues - are the ones who win every single time.

March is when we step out into the sun and bask in the hopefulness of its warmth, when we smell the first hint of new growth awakening after a long winter nap.

The March Issue is on its way and it is inspiring.  I am looking forward to showing off the entrepreneurs and business people who create new opportunity, new hope and new growth every day in our province.

If you want to be seen on the pages of SKY, please drop me a line at  Remember, just spring.