Monday, December 17, 2012

NWL: Dreaming of Dresses on Hamilton

To walk through the doors of NWL on 1853 Hamilton is to walk onto the canvas of an impressionist artist awaiting your arrival. The bright white walls are adorned with an endless palette of color, sparkle, and texture.  

She walks along the rows of dresses, touching the fabrics, letting them roll off her fingertips.  She can’t help but imagine the stories that are yet to be lived in each dress. 

She imagines being a bride in a dreamy white gown, the soft fabric draping over her body, wistfully dancing off the ground with each step that she takes toward her future. She studies her silhouette with a discriminating eye, lost in the moment of what’s possible in this dress.

 A sequined blue sapphire dress catches her eye, calling out to her for her special night with her special someone this New Years Eve. Ball gowns of brightly colored taffeta dance against the wall, awaiting their special someone to bring them to life on the night of her life. 

“I love dresses, but more than that, I love seeing the joy they bring to my clients. It’s like all their hopes and dreams come to life when they see themselves in a gown”, says Nadia Williamson, owner.

NWL is a vision of beauty, a canvas where splashes of color and texture come together to create the stuff of which dreams are made.

The NWL experience is influenced by Nadia’s love for impressionist art and the movie industry, where fashion brings stories to life on screen and in life.

Nadia studied costume design at the University of Regina and later studied fashion, arts and design at LaSalle College in Montreal.  She launched her career as a fashion designer in the movie industry for more than 10 years.  

Six years ago, she opened the doors of NWL, bringing her love of fashion to life in Regina where she was born and raised.

"Each and every dress is a work of art unto itself."

“These dresses need to be architecture. The craftsmanship and the detail that goes into creating these dresses is nothing short of amazing.  The designers know a woman’s body and how to FIT it. 

They know us and how we want to feel when we step into an evening gown, a wedding dress or a cocktail dress.”

“What I love more than the dresses are my customers.  The relationship that we share when we are helping them find the perfect dress for an important event in their lives is what feeds me daily.  The beautiful dresses are like ice cream on a perfect cake."

Visiting NWL is always a new experience.  Each day the window is redressed to tell the story of a fantasy so that passers-by can catch a glimpse of these beautiful dresses. 

“When we get new dresses in the store, it’s like Christmas. We love imagining who could wear the dresses and what kind of event they would be worn at.  Each dress is unique – there are no two the same."

"We are not the highest priced dresses in the city; we just look like we are. The store has a very “New York” feel to it, but that’s the atmosphere we want to create.The NWL experience is brought to life by a team who are dedicated to creating the best experience possible.

“I especially want to thank my team, most of whom have been here from the beginning with me.  Amanda, Leslie and Teagan have been with me for five years.  Kayla, Nicole and Alex have been with me for two years.  I am so lucky to have such a committed and creative group of people.

We ask that our customers book an appointment so that we can dedicate ourselves to giving personalized service. We try to recommend the dresses that are going to be the best fit so they can have the most positive experience”.

  “When you come to NWL, we want you to play. To explore. To laugh and to fall in love."

Nadia Williamson, Owner
Amanda Dunnigan-Flottorp – Manager
Teagan Ell – Assistant Manager
Leslie Toms
Nicole Janes
Mel Zabinski
Kayla Bilokury
Alex Burnett

1853 Hamilton Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
Phone (306) 546.2246
Fax (306) 546.3343
Find NWL on facebook


  1. What great dresses. I love how the two pictures are so sparkly! I have been looking for sexy dresses for an event that I have coming up. Thanks so much for your post. It was very helpful.

  2. She studies her silhouette with a discriminating eye, lost in the moment of what’s possible in this dress.


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