Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From Burgers to Billboards and Beyond: The CDN Story

 The story of how a burger baron’s son is changing the sky.  

James McDonnell, President and CEO, Canadian Digital Network 

James McDonnell began with an idea to sell burgers and fries at his family-owned restaurant, the Burger Baron in Regina. He installed a digital billboard to improve marketing for the restaurant and create an additional revenue stream.

The idea mushroomed as four more sign owners came to the table.  Todd Mintz, Reg Howard, Rob Thomson, Jason Degelman and James McDonnell now share a common vision to develop a digital billboard network.

James is the President and CEO of Canadian Digital Network, a Saskatchewan based digital placement company with a unique networked approach to digital advertising wherever the network exists.

“We strive to revolutionize the way the billboard industry works. Our goal is to be Saskatchewan’s dominant player in digital media”.  The CDN approach is a game changer in the digital signage business.  Individual sign owners come together to share their assets, create a strategically connected advertising system and generate returns based on the performance of the system.

“We invited people who model our principles of integrity, commitment and transparency to join the network. In December 2012, we acquired Digital Skies, becoming the largest digital billboard company in the province, with over 60 locations in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Estevan, Weyburn, Yorkton and other rural markets."

Owning a sign is a business unto itself.  First there is the cost of buying the sign, which can be up to $250,000, then there is set up and maintenance. Once the sign is up and running, it needs content, so the owner then must become adept at selling advertising on their sign, managing relationships and contracts, and tracking performance. The CDN approach goes beyond creating the network. They also serve the network.

“When the sign is fully running with paid advertising, it is a revenue stream". 

Meet the team. 

Once a sign owner joins the network, the CDN Team goes to work for clients taking care of sales, production, graphics, diagnostics and logistics on behalf of the network.  

"We are proud to welcome Bev Dubois to our team. She is helping us to develop a stronger presence in the Saskatoon market place." 

James McDonnell, Lorne Piett, Kelly Forsberg, Drew Renwick, Chris Pagan, Gabe Rosescu

"With the Grey Cup later this year, we are anticipating the skies will be lit up.  Give us a call to get your name up in lights." 

Publisher's Recommendation:  

SKY Magazine is proud to "Be Seen" on the Canadian Digital Network, on Saskatchewan Drive and Cameron Street.  Thank you CDN team for your professionalism and attention to detail. I love my sign. 

Canadian Digital Network
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