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Special Feature: Lumsden Odyssey - The Women of James Street

The Women of James Street

By Lynn Larson Armstrong

L-­‐R: Jody Beaudry, Breanne Dmytriw, Deanna Perry, Shelly Korchinski, Sarah Kowalchuk, Gloria Korchinski, Lesia Matheson, Twila Parcher, Shannon Kaytor, Paulette Kaytorf

 I went on an odyssey, in search of the places where the land meets the sky, where souls are renewed in the warmth of the summer sun, where people embody the spirit of past pioneers, and the entrepreneurs of the present and future. With Bon Jovi’s “Lost Highway” blasting, I hit the open road. I don’t have to go very far before I have to stop and take in the beauty of what I can see. Fifteen minutes from north Regina off Highway 11 is Lumsden.

 Immediately I feel at home. I am drawn in by the inspiring sunrise, the warm summer air, the horizon of green trees that will soon turn a beautiful shade of red before the leaves are whisked away by the wind, and the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. It was there that I met the women of James Street, who embody the dream of living well in Saskatchewan. I am pleased to introduce you to them.

LEFT Jody Beaudry, owner with Breanne Dmytriw

Housed in a 105 year old Heritage Building, behind the cedar plank exterior is the closet of your dreams in Lumsden.

Owner Jody Beaudry opened her doors five years ago with a vision to create the “closet of your dreams” experience. The key to success: “I love what I am doing, and I love giving my customers a personable and enjoyable shopping experience.”
Thr3e Clothing Connection is a boutique-shopping destination that offers a collection of the most up to date trends for your life.

“We can dress you for a day in town shopping, a meeting, or a night out.”

“Splurge parties are a big hit at Thr3e,” adds Breanne. “We reserve the store for a group and serve wine and food, while our guests enjoy trying new looks as if they were in their very own walk in closet with their friends.”

Thr3e carries women’s lines, including Hudson Jeans, G-Star, Covet, iT, Gentle Fawn, BB Dakota, Fidelity, Desigual, DEPT, Pink Martini. Thr3e’s collection of “to die for” shoes and boots include MJUS, Fly London and Luxury Rebel, accessorized perfectly with Matt & Nat bags and wallets, Brave belts as well as watches, jewelry, and earrings.

The3e Clothing Connection | 215 James Street North, Lumsden | 306.731.3346 | thr3eclothingconnection@sasktel.net   

Wildflower Esthetics & Sugar Studio

Deanna Perry, Owner
Natural, clean and classy are the first words that come to mind as you enter Deanna Perry’s private spa nestled in a heritage building on James Street, Lumsden.

Through every treatment you experience at Wildflower, you will feel the peacefulness and serenity that Deanna holds dear to the Lumsden Valley where she grew up and still lives.

Eminence, a handmade organic skin care line from Hungary, is used in all services and retailed as well.
“It is like the clean eating of skincare,” Deanna explains. “Their moisturizers are full of vitamins and nutrients extracted from the fruits and vegetables that are used in their making. Aging doesn’t stand a chance against nature’s combinations like pear and poppy seed, strawberry rhubarb, gooseberry and black currant, cucumber mint, key lime and vanilla, which are infused in the Eminence serums, cleansers, masques and exfoliants.”

Body sugaring hair removal, another one of Deanna’s passions, is also done naturally, using only water, sugar and lemon juice.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness at Wildflower. In her desire to take her client’s well being to a higher level, all instruments and tools are cleaned using a statim, a sterilizing unit that dentists use to clean their instruments and tools. If it can’t be cleaned in the statim, it is disposed of.
Indulge in the finest facials, pedicures, manicures, and body treatments at Wildflower Esthetics & Sugar Studio or treat somebody with a gift certificate. Visit the website or call to book ahead before your next excursion to Lumsden, and prepare to bask in Eminence.

Wildflower Esthetics & Sugar Studio Suite 1 - 215 James Street North, Lumsden 306.731.9121 wildfloweresthetics@gmail.com www.wildfloweresthetics.com |

Fourth & James Bakery

Caramelized onion and smoked cheddar quiche, cinnamon buns, pesto cheese twists, diablo cookies, peanut butter cupcakes, chocolate quinoa cupcakes and pizza at noon – oh my. You will make a special trip into Lumsden to stop at Fourth & James Bakery, wander around some pretty shops in Lumsden, sit on a bench and say “hey” to passersby. Owner Lesia Matheson was trained at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute in Vancouver. She has a passion for food that tastes good and feels good, and an experience that feeds your soul. “At Fourth & James, we love to listen to good music while we bake, and we think that being kind and creative is a great way to be. We also love the marriage of function and form, good jokes and Scrabble.”

Fourth & James Bakery | 375 James St. N., Lumsden 306.731.3552 bakery@fourthandjames.com | www.fourthandjames.com |

Red Leaf Boutique is the place to stop for the active little people in your life. Owner Twila Parcher, and her children Emily, 11, Quin, 9, and, and baby Eve, 2, are inspired by a unique, eclectic style that not only looks good but can stand up to the play test. Twila carries Benchkids, Blu, Yogini, Underarmour, and Losan to name a few. Twila’s collection of children’s clothes is always changing and evolving, just like her “growing” customers.

Red Leaf Boutique | 4-20 2nd Avenue, Lumsden 306.527.9194 

La Vault Decor

For a turn of the century experience, visit La Vault Decor, a boutique that specializes in restoration inspired furniture, accessories for the home, lighting and handcrafted pieces. Owners Shelly and Gloria are inspired by a fusion of texture, metals, reclaimed wood and glass.

La Vault Décor | 215 James St., Lumsden | 306.731.1003 lavault@outlook.com |

Fin Salon

Sarah Kowalchuk is Lumsden’s rock star-artist- hairstylist with a love of sustainability, creativity and imagination. From the salon’s name, Fin, which is borrowed from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Finnish language in “Lord of the Rings”, to the hand crafted earthy and elegant design of the space, Fin Salon is inspired by Sarah’s love for the earth and its natural beauty. She is committed to using eco-friendly products, including Aveda and ammonia free colour and sustaining the beauty of the land and its people.

Fin Salon | 20 – 2nd Avenue, Lumsden 306.731.9122 

Once you walk into The Painted Parasol, located in the old brick post office built in 1931, you will feel like you stepped into a simpler, happier time. For owners Shannon and Paulette Kaytor, The Painted Parasol is a dream come true. “Our passion is finding new, exciting and unique items for everyone on your list. The candy section is a big crowd pleaser.” They also carry a wide variety of home décor, purses, jewelry, toys, specialty baby items, housewares, as well as bath and body products.

The Painted Parasol Gift & Toy | 220 James St. N. Lumsden | 306.731.2201 

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