Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life is too short to wonder.

Today I responded to a question on my Linkedin profile about my anniversary with Gold's Gym. I have been practicing Centergy and a member of Gold's since 2005 and teaching at Gold's since 2010 and it literally has saved my life. Teaching and inspiring others to be more fit inspires me to be fit as well. It keeps me in balance with the other things in my life that are moving at one hundred miles per hour most days.
Sometimes we look at each other and see what we do, but not who we are, which is something that I feel stops us from appreciating the best of who we are. When I was in the corporate world as a planner, I would see people's lives and personal self worth defined by a title and a pay cheque. I always thought that was a shame. That was how I defined my self-worth. When that changed, my life changed. I had to discover who I was beyond the titles that others gave me and for which I was paid.
I am the Publisher of SKY and the owner of ZÖE Boutique, and a consulting practice under my company Lynear Thinking. I teach fitness classes at Gold's Gym, and I teach Yoga classes in the community. I make fitness a job so that I keep it in my life. That's how I do things. When I want to make something happen, I make it a job. Before all this, I was a corporate planner and communicator / strategist for corporations. In 2011, I left that to pursue my own interests. And I haven't stopped. 

Life is too short to wonder, it's better to wander. 

Have an awesome day. -