Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Art of Men's Fashion, Trina's Way

Trina Fader, Owner of Trino's Men's Wear 

"I sell men’s clothes that look and feel good." - Trina Fader, Owner

At the turn of the century, people who made or sold clothes were referred to as a clothier, a cloathesman or a clothman.

Fast forward to 2013, to Trino’s Men’s Wear, a red carpet retail experience that is inspired by what makes men look and feel good, delivered with an artistic touch.

"I sell men’s clothes that look and feel good." - Trina Fader, Owner

Now six years later, Trina looks forward with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Since opening her doors in 2007, Trina received a Paragon Award for new business in 2008, and secured her place in the competitive and time-honored business of men’s fashion.

It’s no wonder that Trina is successful in this business traditionally dominated by men. She takes on challenges with gusto and determination.

When she started Trino’s, she was a single mother working and pouring all of her own resources into creating this vision of a men’s wear store that would redefine men’s fashion experience.

“I did this all myself with some help from family and friends,” she says, gesturing to her perfectly manicured showroom.

“We assembled every single rack and shelf in this store. We painted the walls, installed the baseboards, drilled the holes and built every single rack. I designed and installed the window coverings to ensure that suits would not be bleached by sunlight.”

“Before I became Trino’s, I was an artist, painter and sculptor. Every day I look at this shop as my canvas. I am its artist. I choose the colors, textures and styles to create a memorable experience for my customers.”

Trina takes the business of men’s fashion personally, because she understands that often times shopping for clothes is challenging for men. “Women are very self-sufficient shoppers. Men sometimes need some extra help, especially if they don’t have someone to shop with them. The number of women’s stores still outnumber men’s fashion stores, so we are filling an important niche in the market place”.

“The Trino’s shopping experience appeals to men because the process is enjoyable for them. They want to look good and we provide advice about what looks good."

"We believe that the clothes should reflect our customer’s personality, what he does for a living, and how he expresses himself through fashion. We can outfit men for the boardroom, the baseball field and the night club.”

“Men receive a red carpet experience at Trino’s in a friendly atmosphere. We are quick and painless. We offer complementary tailoring, client cards and a guarantee that our customer looks his best.”

Men can be insecure about the clothes they wear and how they look in the same way that women can. We want to be sure they are dressed in clothes that they feel good wearing and that they know looks good.”
Our clients appreciate our honesty. We will offer opinions on how things are fitting or not fitting. We enjoy seeing them light up when they add a pop of color in a shirt or tie.

Trino’s golden rule is to not sell for the sake of selling.

“Each client is a walking testimonial of our experience so we never take for granted the importance of treating each and every person with respect.”

“Once we have clothed a man, we record sizes and specific information that helps improve the process the next time we have an opportunity to serve him. Often times, the women in their lives will come to Trino’s to shop, and we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.”

“Beyond fashion, we know there is an emotional connection between the clothes we wear and steps we take in our lives. As women, we tend to take the time to take care of our hair, makeup, and ensuring we have the perfect outfit and shoes.”

“Men like to look and feel good too. They want to have the perfectly fitted suit for that special occasion, like graduations, weddings, family occasions and formal events.”

“As a mother of two boys, I completely understand the frustration of shopping for them, especially at the important times in their lives when they put on their first suit, like graduation.”

“There is nothing like seeing the men in our lives beam with pride when they know they look good.”

Trino's Men's Wear
2445 Quance Street East, Regina

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring is a Verb In Saskatchewan

Lynn Armstrong, Publisher 

At first we thought it was a blip.  There were tremors in 2006 that increased with intensity.  And then it happened. They called it a boom.  Saskatchewan is the fastest growing economy in Canada.  Saskatoon is the fastest growing city in the country, and Regina is number two. It’s a crazy thing. We pinch ourselves every day and we go to work, alive and exhilarated about the possibilities of the day.

Saskatchewan’s growth is unprecedented.  Our building industry is booming. People are working and enjoying the fruits of their labours and building and renovating to create the homes of their dreams. There is an optimism here that is catching on like a prairie fire. Entrepreneurialism is living well in Saskatchewan.

Some people believe this economic success is just happening, and we are merely standing in its way.  I see that people make things happen. People who live and work with intention and purpose create legacies for the future.

Some people stand and look at the horizon. Others reach out and touch it.  This issue is dedicated to the people who bring their spirit, their intellect and their passion to work every day to make the dream of living well in Saskatchewan a reality.

You can download a copy here.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Salon 306 Presents: "The Mother Of All Makeovers"

By Kristina Hallwas, of Salon 306.

We are pleased to present the "Mother of all Makeovers", the makeover contest for mothers.  It all began with an idea to do something nice for someone.

Naturally, as a hairstylist, the best way to treat someone would be to give them a new hairstyle. A makeover contest seemed like the best way to go. I reached out to a few colleages to see who else wanted to get involved... turns out, there are A LOT of very nice people out there who are REALLY good at what they do! So here it is: We will be doing a series of makeover contests. 

The first of the series is "The Mother Of All Makeovers" just in time for Mother's Day. We are looking for moms who are ready and willing for some major pampering! 

You know the  moms we are looking for.  Those hard-working, kind-hearted people who make us into the people we become. We want to thank our moms for worrying about us and everyone else. 

If you know someone, even if it's yourself,please complete your nomination at www.salon306makeover.com.

Meet the Makeover Team:

Our team is made up of the best of the best! The entire Salon 306. makeover team members are 100% donating their time and services for this awesome project. Myself, Braxton and Maxine from Salon 306., Tyler Yuhasz Photography, Riley Lawson Designer and Image Consultant, Kemp and Matt from Creative Metric, Staci from Lane Designs, Jeph from Stratagy Lab, many friends, family member and co-workers helping to bounce ideas and create excitement... you know who you are, and Lynn of Sky Magazine

Our goal is to build this idea, and customize every makeover to suit the winner, so please stay tuned to see who else joins our growing team. 

Want to get involved? Please do! The more the merrier!

Please contact Kristina Hallwas at 306.347-3306 or facebook.com/kristinaofsalon306 with any questions, inquiries, ideas, or just to say hi!

 For makeover details, winners, transformations and updates please visit: salon306makeover.com, sky blogazine, and facebook.

I am so impressed with all of the support we have received so far and am excited to watch this thing grow!