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Bodhi Tree Yoga: A Place to Learn, Heal and Find Bliss

Sarah Garden and Colin Hall opened the Bodhi Tree
11 years ago, with a vision to build the
community of yoga.
Photo: Shawn Fulton Photography 
There is a place where people come together to learn, to heal and to find balance. A place that gives back to the community.  An oasis of warmth, of sunrises and sunsets, of freedom to explore and discover.

This place is Bodhi Tree Yoga, located in the heart of Cathedral as and downtown Regina, founded and created by Colin Hall and Sarah Garden.

“We began practicing yoga in 1999 because it was a way to be a better person. Yoga is the about creating freedom that begins within, which can then be shared outwardly with others.   

When we began, yoga was not really mainstream, but we saw as a way to help others by becoming better ourselves,” says Sarah.

Since Colin and Sarah opened their first studio in 11 years ago, the interest in yoga has grown. It is recognized for its therapeutic benefits for the body, mind, and spirit.

“Businesses are seeing it as a way to increase productivity and happiness in the workplace.  Sports teams recognize the benefits of yoga in offsetting injury and improving focus.  More and more people are seeing it as a way to improve their health, happiness and longevity,” says Colin. 

Bodhi Tree Yoga is inspired by Sarah and Colin’s passion for health, happiness, and living with greater awareness.  Their commitment to continuous learning is reflected in their community based approach, the programs they offer, and the classes they offer and the teachers. 

“Being a learning based studio is very important to us. Our broad base of knowledge and skills makes yoga accessible to people of all levels and abilities – including people coming to yoga with injuries and illness.” 

Photo: Shaw Fulton Photography
“Our Teacher Training Program is longer and more comprehensive than any other offered in the province.  We immerse our students in philosophy, traditions, practices and physiology of yoga. We have graduated over 70 teachers to date. In March, another 21 teachers graduated from our program.  Many of them are teaching at the Bodhi Tree, as well as in businesses and other studios and centres in the community,” says Colin.

In addition to Teacher Training, Bodhi Tree Yoga offers workshops for anyone wanting to learn about the depth and diversity of yoga with local and international teachers, strengthen their practice or increase their understanding.

Sarah is passionate about yoga therapy and the science of yoga, offering Yoga for Backs as well as one-on-one yoga therapy sessions.  She is also has a special place in her heart for cancer survivors. 

“My mom is a cancer survivor.  Our Renew: Yoga for Cancer Program is specially designed to support those living with cancer. It is a very close community and we share in each other’s journeys. Some of our most recent teacher training graduates are from the Renew Program.”

“Growing the yoga community is central to our vision,” explains Colin. “We want people to know that they do not have to look a certain way, be flexible, or wear certain clothes. For those who cannot afford classes, we offer karma classes that are free, and also look for opportunities to bring free yoga classes into the community as fundraisers. We ultimately just want Regina to be a happier, more open, and blissful place and we feel yoga can help.”

“Our philosophy is to provide a broad spectrum of experiences through our teachers who come from all walks of life.  Our Cathedral location is well known in the community. By opening our new studio downtown, we wanted to bring yoga to the people who work and live downtown, to make it accessible, enjoyable and tailored to meet the needs of students  people working at desks in fast-paced workplaces.”

Photo: Shawn Fulton Photography
 “We offer a place to slow down, breath, be aware of posture, and mood. Some people come to practice for physical reasons; others come for therapeutic reasons. Some people come because they are interested in learning about the philosophies and traditions of yoga, and others come to find stillness and balance.

“We just really want to help as many people as we can to live the best lives possible.  Yoga is for every one of all ages and all walks of life. At Bodhi Tree, we try to create an environment where people can learn, heal and find balance in their lives.”

“Sarah and I are just so happy to be able to share our passion for yoga with the people of our beautiful city.”

2 Locations in Regina:

Bodhi Tree Yoga | 3104-B 13th Ave. 

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga | 1775 Scarth St

T: (306) 552-YOGA (9642)

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