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Interesting People and the Things They Do: Lorelei Johns

Lorelei Johns is a Regina-based Chartered Accountant whose practice focuses on non-profit organizations.
Photo Credit: Greg Huszar Photography

Horse Sense Blog: Dreaming green and good governance. 

By Lorelei Johns 

It is said that horses love to dream.  I imagine my horse, Red dreaming of warm spring days when he can move freely in a sun filled green pasture with the herd.  Even in the world of horses, dreaming leads to action. 

Dreaming about good governance also leads to action. As winter turns to spring, Not for Profit Boards turn their minds to the most up-to-date information to fulfill their stewardship role.

The most recent change impacting NPOs is the implementation of new accounting standards for this industry.  In accounting lingo it is called CICA Handbook Part III, Accounting Standards for not-for-profit organizations.  These standards are effective for fiscal years starting on or after January 1, 2012.  Recently, I attended a course on these new standards.

It is the Board’s responsibility to learn and understand these new standards.  Training must be provided to volunteers, management and staff.  Communication to the users of your financial statements will result in more disclosure in the notes to the financial statements.

Here are some of the significant changes that may impact your organization:
·      You will have a transition Balance Sheet with three columns;
·      There are standards specifically for Contribution Revenue;
·      Financial Instrument notes include detailed analysis of risks, i.e. credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk, currency risk, interest rate risk and other risk exposures;
·      Cash Flow statements are now always required; and
·      All outstanding government remittances must be disclosed in the notes.

Contact your local United Way office for workshops offered by community minded accountants.  It is low cost and the presenters are very knowledgeable.  Other educational options available include courses, readings, webinars provided by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA).  Check my website for resource links.  Once you have a base line of knowledge, get in touch with your accountant for a discussion on how these standards specifically impact your NPO.

I believe that up-to-date fiduciary knowledge will lead you to greener pastures, just like Red and I will experience this spring.

Lorelei will be a presenter at an April 4, 2013 United Way Regina workshop, entitled “Internal Controls for Smaller NPOs”.  If this is a topic you are interested in, look for this workshop announcement on United Way Regina’s website;

Publisher's Note: 

Lorelei presented at an April 4, 2013 United Way Regina workshop, entitled “Internal Controls for Smaller NPOs”. Here is her feedback on SKY Magazine's impact. 

"Oh, something you need to know...after the last issue of United Way workshop jumped in attendance from 14 to 36 enrollments.  And the number of emails and calls have increased, too.  Thank you, Lynn.  It's working."


Let there be fashion. Saskatchewan Fashion Week

Checks, plaids and hounds tooth, fur, leather, pleather, plastic.  It’s hard to say what designers are dreaming for their 2013 Fall / Winter collections. But they will be bringing them to the catwalk during Saskatchewan Fashion Week from May 9 – 11 in City Square Plaza in downtown Regina.

Original collections and award winning hairstyling and makeup artistry will be showcased as  national media, business leaders and lovers of fashion come to experience a runway exhibition of fashion and custom motion design.

 “We expect to entertain  more than 2,000 people in two days,” says Melissa Fiacco, a self-proclaimed lover of all things fashionable who volunteers her time and expertise to help get the word out about Saskatchewan Fashion Week.

Major cities host fashion weeks to show off their fashion industry and to provide fashion lovers and onlookers with a glimpse of what we might be wearing. In 2012, Saskatchewan joined he ranks of great fashion cities like Paris, Milan, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal with the launch of its first Fashion Week in Regina. 

The inaugural event was a major success, selling out two out of three nights with 1025 ticket sales, and attracting national media attention. Twenty-nine emerging and established designers and six retailers showed 360 style combinations on the runway and each night featured a different local house band.

Calgary based fashion blogger, I’m Mr. Fabulous, visited Regina to review the event, describing the venue as, “reminiscent of a New York City Bryant Park Fashion Show,” and stated, “…the overall quality production of this event should put  Saskatchewan Fashion Week on the map.”

Saskatchewan Fashion Week creates an environment of growth and optimism for the fashion and creative design industries. Fashion designers, retailers, photographers, marketing, public relations and special event professionals, printers, media producers, hair stylists and make up artists come together to express a vision of fashion.”

Saskatchewan Fashion Week is a non-profit provincial celebration of our thriving fashion and creative design industries, created to influence collaboration, entrepreneurship and business growth.  More than 50 businesses, sponsors and vendors make Saskatchewan Fashion Week an elite fashion entertainment experience. The Regina Hotel Association has collaborated with SFW as a major funding partner for the second year in a row. 

Walk the Katwalk

On Monday, May 6 more than 20 independent retail destinations and specialty services providers will participate in the Katwalk, offering a premier shopping experience with exclusive promotions in celebration of SFW.

A printable Katwalk passport will be available on to guide the shopping experience and take advantage of promotions. Participating stores will be listed on

During the event, there will be emerging culinary, music, entertainment, motion design and creative trends in the SWAG Lounge, where ticket purchasers will be able to sample and shop from an exclusive selection of products, services, and tastes.

Fashion lovers will be able to purchase custom tailored garments shown on the runway, immediately after the runway program ends, at the Trunk Shows, May 9-11, 2013.

Tickets can be purchased from or from Cornwall Centre’s Guest Services kiosk on the main level, near the Saskatchewan Dr. entrance.

Presenting Designers 

  • Padraigin, Nik Singh
  • Jaycee Wall, Jamilano,
  • 22 Fresh Apparel Inc.,
  • Katherine Sthamann,
  • Sara Armstrong,
  • Nadia Williamson,
  • Sova, Anwen Rose,
  • Beryl Wong Designs,
  • Hillberg & Berk, SCR,
  • Mehari Clothing,
  • Tia Zelinski,
  • Savoir-Faire Custom Bouquets,
  • MoonStar Designs,
  • Riley Lawson,
  • The Unified Theory,
  • Kandis Ivy,
  • Chicks & Girlies,
  • KAZZ,
  • Amaranth Designs,
  • Settler,
  • Laurie Brown,
  • Helen Anne Designs,
  • Lisa Wicklund for SEED,
  • Luca Vero by Fashion Society, and 

SKY Magazine is proud of be a media partner for Saskatchewan Fashion Week.  Read about the Saskatchewan Fashion Week in the July issue of SKY. 

Amaranth Designs: Timeless Creations on the Runway at 2013 Saskatchewan Fashion Week


Photo Credit: Greg Huszar Photography 

Rea is presenting her fall / winter collection on the runway at Saskatchewan Fashion Week on May 10, 2013 in the 7:30 PM show. 

Rea is featured in the spring SKY.  She describes her studio as her play space where she imagines, explores, designs and creates one of a kind custom timeless pieces.

Rea Harbus is a custom fashion designer in Regina, and she is looking forward to taking her business and her fashion designs to a new level in 2013.   Rea founded Amaranth Designs 13 years ago after earning a diploma in fashion design at Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia.

"My clients are women looking for something that is special.  They come to me with an idea and we work together to create something beautiful, timeless, custom fitted and unique."

"I am looking forward to becoming a bigger part of the Saskatchewan fashion industry this year by increasing my presence.  I feel optimistic about the future of fashion in Saskatchewan and I am excited to be a part of it as I grow my brand as a designer."

Her spring collection was on display at the What Women Want show in Regina from March 15 - 17, 2013.

Amaranth Designs

Monday, April 1, 2013

March 2013 - Photo Shoot Transformation Iphone

Cover-preneur Trina Fader, owner of Trino's Men's Wear in Regina tranformed to capture a fusion of functionality and art, creating a classic, timeless and expression on the cover of the Spring SKY.  We would like to thank Kiera Haynee of SALON 306. and Sara Lindsay of Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio for their artistic expression of hair and make up.  A big thank you to Greg Huszar,our photographer,  and assistant Jason Edwards, who captured the image in studio using the back of a Graflex Crown Graphic press camera.  The SKY cover is always an exciting experience.

Kiera Haynee at Salon 306. creates the starlet effect.