Monday, October 14, 2013

Horse Sense: Lorelei Johns, C.A. Presents at RWN in Regina

Lorelei Johns, C.A. is a presenting at the Regina Women's Network on October 16.  Lorelei is a regular contributor to SKY Magazine. Her Horse Sense blog is focused on tips that help non - profits, and the antics of Red, her magnificent horse.  Attached is the poster for the event.  I will see you there.  You can read her story online at

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I've got men on my mind.

I've got men on my mind. SKY Magazine's White Issue will be launched at Dean Renwick's Moustache Bash at the Mercedes Show room in Regina on November 30,

SKY Magazine is proud to be a sponsor for the Moustache Bash,hosted by Dean Renwick.  It is a blue carpet event to raise funds for the Prostate Assessment Centre and to launch Dean Renwick's new line.

The event will be loads of fun for men and women.  Men will be able to choose an original Dean Renwick bow tie to finish their ensemble.

For women, Dean is giving us the gift of a clean-shaven man.  Ragged Ass Barbers and Hotel Saskatchewan Barber Shop will be shaving off the moustaches and beards of Movember.

The White Issue is also a special issue for me, as it will be the anniversary edition, marking the the full first year of publishing SKY Magazine.

We all remember well the 2012 White Issue, featuring the beautiful Nadia Williamson, owner of NWL Dress Shop in Regina, standing out in a snow covered field under a perfect powder blue winter sky, wearing a Pronovias gown.

On that day, as Nadia stepped into onto the field, putting her hand to her hair, and looking up to the sky as we all do, I knew that I was doing exactly what I should be doing. I have never looked back, and I have loved every single issue with all my heart.

The 2013 White Issue - Anniversary Edition - will be special as it will celebrate the men in our lives and their health and well being.

I can't wait for you to see it. It will take your breath away.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Falling for Red.

It was November 2012 that I first met Lorelei Johns after becoming the new publisher of SKY Magazine.  She told me all about the four legged love of her life, Red, and how he was instrumental in her business as an accountant serving non-profit organizations.

Since then, Horse Sense has been a regular part of SKY Magazine, and we have grown to look forward to Red's stories. 

With each issue, Red's antics make their way into the story.

"My horse Red inspires me. He is a 5 year-old, 590 kilogram gelding who at times, challenges my leadership, especially when we disagree on things like direction and strategy," she shared in the December 2012 White Issue. In the White Issue 2012, we photographed Lorelei with her saddle, capturing the free spirit that is Lorelei.

In the Spring 2012 issue,  she said, "Red was dreaming of warm days when he could freely move about in the sun filled green pasture with the herd.  Even in the world of horses, dreaming leads to action."  The temperature on the day of shooting the Spring SKY was minus 48 degrees Celsius. (Not even kidding). Needless to say, Red could not make his debut that day.

The summer was soppy here in Saskatchewan and so Red's moment in the sun had to wait yet again.  Lorelei's Horse Sense blog was inspired by her family, which includes Red, whom she said "teaches [her] about building relationships and being the kind of person I aspire to be."

I have loved sitting across the table over a cup of coffee hearing about Red and the things he does. But what I love more is watching Lorelei light up when she talks about this magnificent being.

In the making of the fall issue, now known as the "Red Issue", we were invited out to Red's stable just outside of Regina to photograph Lorelei with him. It was easy to see why she loves him so, and that he loves her too.

He is a charmer.  When we arrived, Lorelei took me over Red's pasture, and he came trotting over when he saw her, kind of like a big dog.  I put my hand out for him and placed his forehead into the palm of my hand. We were friends immediately.

Watching Lorelei with Red, it was plain to see how important they are to each other.  Here are some photos that I took with my iPhone that day, just capturing some of these special moments that happen in the making of SKY Magazine. I feel grateful to be a part of Lorelei and Red's journey.

Read the full story in

Greg Huszar, photographer, touring the stables. 

Tack makes great shots. 

Lorelei in the tack shop. 
Gotta love tack. 

Really can't get enough of this stuff. 

Red is getting ready for his big moment. 

Lorelei  and Red are walking over the get their photo taken. 

Red had to stop for a snack . . .

Love the flowers.

Happy Family.