Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bodhi Tree Yoga: A Place to Learn, Heal and Find Bliss

Sarah Garden and Colin Hall opened the Bodhi Tree
11 years ago, with a vision to build the
community of yoga.
Photo: Shawn Fulton Photography 
There is a place where people come together to learn, to heal and to find balance. A place that gives back to the community.  An oasis of warmth, of sunrises and sunsets, of freedom to explore and discover.

This place is Bodhi Tree Yoga, located in the heart of Cathedral as and downtown Regina, founded and created by Colin Hall and Sarah Garden.

“We began practicing yoga in 1999 because it was a way to be a better person. Yoga is the about creating freedom that begins within, which can then be shared outwardly with others.   

When we began, yoga was not really mainstream, but we saw as a way to help others by becoming better ourselves,” says Sarah.

Since Colin and Sarah opened their first studio in 11 years ago, the interest in yoga has grown. It is recognized for its therapeutic benefits for the body, mind, and spirit.

“Businesses are seeing it as a way to increase productivity and happiness in the workplace.  Sports teams recognize the benefits of yoga in offsetting injury and improving focus.  More and more people are seeing it as a way to improve their health, happiness and longevity,” says Colin. 

Bodhi Tree Yoga is inspired by Sarah and Colin’s passion for health, happiness, and living with greater awareness.  Their commitment to continuous learning is reflected in their community based approach, the programs they offer, and the classes they offer and the teachers. 

“Being a learning based studio is very important to us. Our broad base of knowledge and skills makes yoga accessible to people of all levels and abilities – including people coming to yoga with injuries and illness.” 

Photo: Shaw Fulton Photography
“Our Teacher Training Program is longer and more comprehensive than any other offered in the province.  We immerse our students in philosophy, traditions, practices and physiology of yoga. We have graduated over 70 teachers to date. In March, another 21 teachers graduated from our program.  Many of them are teaching at the Bodhi Tree, as well as in businesses and other studios and centres in the community,” says Colin.

In addition to Teacher Training, Bodhi Tree Yoga offers workshops for anyone wanting to learn about the depth and diversity of yoga with local and international teachers, strengthen their practice or increase their understanding.

Sarah is passionate about yoga therapy and the science of yoga, offering Yoga for Backs as well as one-on-one yoga therapy sessions.  She is also has a special place in her heart for cancer survivors. 

“My mom is a cancer survivor.  Our Renew: Yoga for Cancer Program is specially designed to support those living with cancer. It is a very close community and we share in each other’s journeys. Some of our most recent teacher training graduates are from the Renew Program.”

“Growing the yoga community is central to our vision,” explains Colin. “We want people to know that they do not have to look a certain way, be flexible, or wear certain clothes. For those who cannot afford classes, we offer karma classes that are free, and also look for opportunities to bring free yoga classes into the community as fundraisers. We ultimately just want Regina to be a happier, more open, and blissful place and we feel yoga can help.”

“Our philosophy is to provide a broad spectrum of experiences through our teachers who come from all walks of life.  Our Cathedral location is well known in the community. By opening our new studio downtown, we wanted to bring yoga to the people who work and live downtown, to make it accessible, enjoyable and tailored to meet the needs of students  people working at desks in fast-paced workplaces.”

Photo: Shawn Fulton Photography
 “We offer a place to slow down, breath, be aware of posture, and mood. Some people come to practice for physical reasons; others come for therapeutic reasons. Some people come because they are interested in learning about the philosophies and traditions of yoga, and others come to find stillness and balance.

“We just really want to help as many people as we can to live the best lives possible.  Yoga is for every one of all ages and all walks of life. At Bodhi Tree, we try to create an environment where people can learn, heal and find balance in their lives.”

“Sarah and I are just so happy to be able to share our passion for yoga with the people of our beautiful city.”

2 Locations in Regina:

Bodhi Tree Yoga | 3104-B 13th Ave. 

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga | 1775 Scarth St

T: (306) 552-YOGA (9642)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Chic Strategist: Taking Strategy to a Stylish New Level

Kristin Kutarna Gates is Founder of The Chic Strategist
and a woman leader under 40 in the tech industry as
Director, Marketing and Mobile Strategy at ISM Canada.
Kristin’s strategy expertise is also highly sought after
by women entrepreneurs. She has been featured on
Women in Innovation, Work. Life. Branding, Peak Wisdom
and in SKY Magazine.

and she’s passionate about helping women entrepreneurs focus on achieving their definition of business success. She is Kristin Kutarna Gates, Founder of !e Chic Strategist. 

“I love fashion and I have a passion for strategy. A few years ago I discovered many women entrepreneurs do not have a business strategy. The main reason was simple: very few experts explain what a business strategy is, looks like or does from a woman entrepreneur’s point of view.”

“The Chic Strategist combines my love of strategy with my passion for fashion. My goal is to help women entrepreneurs create intelligent, stylish business strategies to impact their bottom-line results.”
“!e most common question I am asked is, ‘What is a business strategy?’ A business strategy is what makes your business different and what success looks like for your business. Simple, right? Not exactly. This is where a strategist adds value.”

“As a strategist I am an outsider looking in on your business. I provide an objective, researched viewpoint and offer honest feedback. I look at the big picture and help women entrepreneurs break the cycle of doing the same business activities hoping for better results.”

“It’s important to start looking at your business from a strategy perspective. I offer a free business strategy diagnostic on my website to help women in business get started on their strategy.”

“Women entrepreneurs who have a business strategy create a bottom-line impact more quickly because they focus their efforts on achieving success in their businesses. So get chic and learn more about the power of business strategy - plus sign up for my exclusive blog on my website!”

Kristin Kutarna Gates
The Chic Strategist

Thank you.

Meet the family who brings the sky to life this spring.  Meet Paige, Chad, Blake and Dierks.  They are the essence of living well.  

I would like to offer a special thank you to the amazing people who contributed to telling this story on the cover of SKY. 
FallonMazurkewich, of Queen V Fashion House, for her inspiration to create a spring tea party with water and ice;   
Ryley Koma of Wascana Flower Shoppe, for impeccable floral design and photo shoot styling;   
Kirk Leier, of KitchenGear, for trusting us with the Nachtmann Bossa Nova crystal whiskey glasses and jug;  
Sonja Clifton-Remple of Studio S Fashion House, for Paige’s Eileen Fisher outfit and Chie Mihara shoes; 
Trina of Trinos Menswear, for styling Chad in DKNY suit jacket, Mavi Jeans, and Horst shirt;  
Sarah Hegglin and Lucinda Leontowich of Blush Beauty Bar for Paige’s hair and makeup; and  
Nic Gignac and Lacey Baiton of Cafe Drip, for providing the space and warm light that helped bring the story to life. 

Photo Credit: Greg Huszar Photography

2014 Spring SKY Cover Story: A Mission for Mankind . . . and Babies

Paige, Chad with twins Blake and Dierks
are the essence of living well. 

Photography:  Greg Huszar

By Lynn Armstrong

His hands carefully hold the crystal glass, taking a sip. He swishes the glass in a small circle and smiles as the ice clinks the side of the glass.  His name is Blake. He is two years old, and he loves a good glass of water, while his  twin brother Dierks attempts to remove the bolted seat from the floor. 

Blake and Dierks are the two-year-old twins of Chad and Paige Sveinbjornson, owners of Emerald Water & Ice in Regina.  Watching the family during the photo shoot, I couldn’t help but notice this family is the essence of living well.

Chad steadies the crystal glass as Blake slurps the water. Dierks climbs back on Paige’s knee for a drink. “They love water.  They think it’s a treat to have a glass of water,” Paige says.  We don’t drink juice or pop. When we are thirsty, we drink our water.”

Emerald Water & Ice is a Regina-based business that provides bottled water, gourmet ice, water purification and water filtration systems. They are passionate about clear, clean water and doing their part to sustain the environment for their babies.

 “Our mission statement is to provide mankind with a healthier, less expensive and more responsibly priced water purification and water filtration systems that do not damage the environment and waste our natural resources.” 

“All of our systems are designed and built right here in Regina.  Our retail division presently employs four full time logistic specialists, two sales representatives and two full time installers who are fully trained to provide on site service for our own systems as well as other systems and products,” explains Chad, Operations Manager, as the twins run off to explore the cafe. 

“We service own systems as well as other company’s systems and offer 24-hour pick up at our office. We travel across Southern Saskatchewan, so we offer distribution of dry and frozen goods.”

Emerald Water & Ice opened 2009, but the owners have been in the water purification industry for the past 16 years with a combined experience of over 30 years in the water industry.

“We can custom design and engineer the most advanced water purification systems for towns, villages, farms, acreages, home and business use,” says Chad.

“The best water is clean water.  That’s water you can’t see or taste,” Chad answers.  “Our water is smooth, clean and clear with no taste or after taste. “

“We are passionate about quality and providing a great product, something we would give to our family.”

“People see the connection between living well and good water”, says Paige.  “Drinking clean clear water contributes to a healthier body and mind. Our clients want the best for water for themselves and their families. We tailor our products to meet their needs, both in terms of the water type, packaging and systems. We are also proud to bring our brand new line of HIGH PH Re-mineralized water, an industry first.”

“People know they should drink good water, but get too busy.  I find that bottles are a great way to get the water a person needs in a day. We offer bottled water in three and five-gallon sizes, four litre bottles, and single serve bottles. We also personalize single serve water bottles for companies and fundraisers.”

“As a mother, I think about how many times we give our children juices rather than just water, or how many carbonated drinks and the associated calories we consume on any given day. Clean water is the best possible thing you can give yourself and your children to drink. It energizes the body and contributes to a lifetime of good health.”

Emerald Water & Ice Inc.
620 4th Ave East
Regina, Sask.
T: 306.791.2291

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I bring you, the Spring SKY 2014

Publisher’s View: The Colour of the SKY in My World

Lynn Armstrong, Publisher, photographed
on the snow covered deck at Studio S Fashion House
on March 5, 2014.

Photo by Greg Huszar
Coat by Dean Renwick
Jewelry by Club Manhattan, Queen V Fashion House 
Jeans by Black Orchid, Queen V Fashion House
Boots by B.unique, Seed Sustainable Style.
Snow by Mother Nature. 

Spring. In like a lion, out like a lamb.  

We photographed the Spring SKY on March 5.  We awoke to a blizzard that blanketed most of southern Saskatchewan.  Driving conditions were treacherous with visibility near zero.  

By morning, 12 cm of snow had already fallen, and more was expected to fall with patches of freezing rain in Southern Saskatchewan.  Temperatures continued to dip over the week and a collective curse could be heard far and wide. Fists raised to the heavens, we cried, “my kingdom for a snow blower or a hot vacation.”

Springtime in Saskatchewan always comes in like a lion.  It is the season of water and ice, so it is fitting that our cover story this issue is the family who brings clear, clean water and gourmet ice to families, homes and businesses across Southern Saskatchewan. Paige, Chad, Dierks and Blake completely captivated the camera and in fact, the entire restaurant, and made us forget we were living our second winter that day. 

The Spring SKY is coming soon. Watch for it.  Like my page on Facebook so you can be among the first to see it. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Making the 2014 Spring SKY

We are just about to push send on the 2014 Spring SKY.  As I see it all come together, I am amazed, yet again, even more than the last time, if that is even possible.

The cover story is always a secret until the magazine launches, but I want to take some time to share what makes this issue so beautiful from cover to cover.

First, SKY is filled with stories about people who embody what it means to be an entrepreneur and to live well.  With each issue I get to learn more about the great entrepreneurs who are essential to our economic strength.  In my previous life, I was a corporate planner for large companies.  I look at these people on the pages of SKY and they have no interest in just working for a pay cheque or following some one's vision. These are people who work and live to their own vision, and I admire that. 

Second, the spirit of community and giving back is strongly represented in the spring SKY once again.  Entrepreneurs are doing their part to make the world that we live in a little better using their talents and their networks. I respect that and I am proud to support them in their giving back.  

Third, this issue is the best example of collaboration that I have experienced in producing SKY, or any thing else for that matter.  The cover inspiration came from a marketing mastermind who shall be revealed on the pages of the Spring SKY, which led to working with a creative genius to make it happen, and then retailers got involved to help express the vision of the cover that would tell the story of who we are as entrepreneurs, and what it means to live will.  

What is most inspiring to me of all is that SKY Magazine is part of the community and is a community unto itself.  The more SKY grows, the more the community grows, the more we can do to help each other.  Regardless of the product or services that are being promoted on the pages of SKY, the common red thread is that we are all dedicated to being successful in business, helping the community, giving back and taking the time for family, health and wellness.

With each issue, it has been my intention to not only create a beautiful, intelligent and informative product, but to promote the entrepreneurs who live the dream of living well. I am honoured to be entrusted as I have been.  I can't wait to share my 6th issue with you.