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Stopping Traffic

Publisher Photo
The White Issue 2012
Greg Huszar Photography
NWL Dress Shop
Hair: Salon 306.
Makeup: Salon 306.
Since becoming the publisher of SKY Magazine in October 2012, my vision has been to take the five year publication above and beyond.  My intention is to produce a publication to "be seen" telling the story of Saskatchewan entrepreneurs to Saskatchewan and beyond.

SKY Magazine promotes people who live and work in  vision, who embody the relentless spirit that is our story.

The other day, someone asked me about how the cover is chosen.  The fact is, it chooses me. I direct it so that it reflects the essence of the person and tells a story in a picture that our readers will find compelling.

My goal for each cover is that it be beautifully executed, truthful, honest, inspiring and intelligent.  We have the best of the best on the job.  SKY Photographer Greg Huszar is a master at capturing the essence of the story and Amber Moon, creates the design that catches your eye.

As the publisher, editor, reporter, information seeker, and director of the process,  my job is create a stage for life to unfold and to be captured on film.  I am fortunate, honoured and truthfully, blown away every single time by what happens in the process when these great people step into the frame.

Katrina Stettner,
Harmony Builders
Summer 2013 Issue
Hair: Parameters
Makeup: Blush Beauty Bar
Greg Huszar Photography 
In the summer issue, featuring Katrina Stettner, co-owner of Harmony Homes Ltd, the story is titled "High Heels, Hard Hats and Harmony". It describes their unique approach to building homes that sparkle.  Katrina says that everyone deserves a home that sparkles.  Harmony Builders is a family run business with a team of about 30 people.

We believe in sparkle too at SKY.  Katrina had her hair done at Parameters, and make up by Blush Beauty Bar.

On the day of the photo shoot in White City, the house was under construction, with the Harmony team literally working around us.

We cleared a pile of sawdust on the floor in order to set up the camera equipment.  The smell of raw wood was in the air. Saws were sawing.  Pipes were clanking.  Katrina, dressed in her own collection, a dress by Alexander McQueen  and Dolce & Gabbana lace heels, walked into the house.

Husband and business partner Matt Rogina handed her a pink hardhat and we were in their world.  As we photographed this moment in time amid sawing, hammering, clamouring and sawdust,  the honesty of the moment was captured, bringing the cover of the summer SKY to life.

This story inspires me on many levels. First, Katrina and Matt are successful entrepeneurs. Their philosophy and their promise is backed by a business model that is both efficient and effective. We got to meet some of their construction crew, (all of whom wear beards like Matt) and they seemed to be having a very good time, loving what they do. And their houses do sparkle, just like Katrina.
Trina Fader,
Trino's Men's Wear
Spring 2013
Hair: Salon 306.
Makeup: Sara Lindsay

In the Spring 2013 Issue, Trina Fader's feature story entitled "The Art of Men's Fashion" is one guts and glamour, because she is a woman who works in a world dominated by men. She talks about how she got started in business, and her philosophy on service and experience. The key to Trina's success story is Trino's appeals to both men who like to shop and women who shop for the men in their lives.  

Photographed in February on possibly one of the coldest days of the year, we went in studio using a special Graflex camera to capture the essence of this historic strength that Trina embodies. Trina is wearing a shirt and tie from her shop, and a woman's pin striped suit.  Her makeup was artfully applied by Sara Lindsay Makeup and hair by Salon 306.

Nadia Williamson,
NWL Dress Shop
The White Issue 2012
Hair:  Salon 306.
Makeup:  Blush Beauty Bar
Greg Huszar Photography

The White Issue is special to me, because this is where it all began for me, with Nadia Williamson as my first cover - entrepreneur.  I have always love NWL as a customer. As Nadia stepped onto the farmer's field in her Pronovias gown on that November day, the now pristine and the soft blue winter sky, she looked to the horizon as we all do.  The sight literally took my breath away.  "Look at that I said. Perfect".  A perfect representation of the free spirit that is Nadia as a teller in our collective story. Nadia's hair was done by Salon 306. and makeup by Blush Beauty Bar. She is also wearing jewelry from Hillberg & Berk.

From cover to cover, page to page,  SKY is about the people, the things they do, and the spirit that carries us through. With each issue, we tell a little more of our story. In doing so, we are building loyalty for our own entrenpreneurs in this province.

In mid August, we are shooting the Fall issue. I guarantee it will stop traffic and make you look at the SKY. 

Be there. Be seen.

Lynn Armstrong, Publisher of SKY Magazine 
President, SKY Publishers Ltd. 

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