Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm Too Sexy.

Some years ago, I walked the catwalk for a fundraiser modelling workout wear in the era of the neon tights and thong body suits. I looked pretty hot. And this was my song. 

We've come a long way in the business of fashion shows here in the land under the sun.  Our fashion industry is growing and we are taking our place on the industry's catwalk.

Saskatchewan's 2nd annual Fashion Week kicked off this week with Katwalk experiences across the city.

Tonight the first fashion show will kick off at 7:30PM downtown Regina.

The tent is up and ready to go in Regina City Square.  As we read this, everyone from designers and make up artists to lighting technicians are cuing up for the big event. This is a very exciting time for many reasons.

Not only is fashion something we love to explore, but we are creating a new industry and a new economic opportunity for designers, retailers, make up artists, set designers, website developers, marketers, writers, videographers . . . the list is growing. Saskatchewan Fashion Week truly is another example of collaboration and entrepreneurship, Saskatchewan style.

SKY Magazine is making its debut in Saskatchewan Fashion Week as a media partner. Our summer issue will include a 2 page spread on the event, which will be distributed to 32,000 homes in the Regina and Saskatoon area.

I would like to extend my congratulations to the Saskatchewan Fashion Week organizing committee who has not only brought the dream of living well in Saskatchewan to life yet again but has created an opportunity for Saskatchewan to be seen in fashion.

Check out the event schedule and plan to join us. The only question I have is, what should I wear?

I've got to get busy.  See you tonight on the catwalk.

Lynn Armstrong, Publisher  

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