Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fashionatics: Saskatchewan Fashion Week Part 2 Coming Soon

My closet is a 12 x 14 foot former bedroom that was converted to a small boutique.  The clothes are sorted according by type, colour and style. There are suits for formal / conservative meetings and separates that when combined create a myriad of possibilities. 

Yes, I have clothes with tags, waiting to be worn.  My shoes number over 170, each contained in a clear plastic box. Each day I stand and face my clothes, and I ask myself, what would SKY Magazine wear today.  Who am I meeting? What have I worn in their presence before? What impression do I want to make?  Each season I change my closet over and we begin again.  I hear there are those who make bets as to when they will see me wear the same thing twice.  To those, I say, start a spreadsheet. 

I might be considered a “fashionatic” to some, but I am more of a connoisseur of fashion.  That's why I love this job so much.  I spend my time inside the stores of Regina and Saskatoon, meeting the shop owners who decide what to put on the shelf, imagining what might inspire people. Rarely do I meet the designers, for they are generally tucked away behind their sewing machines, or working another job to pay for their passion to create clothes, jewelry, hats, and even bouquets. 

SKY Magazine is proud to be a media sponsor for Saskatchewan Fashion Week, held May 9 – 11, 2013. I committed to a two part story about Saskatchewan Fashion Week. In the Spring Issue, the story set the stage for the big event, in the hopes that readers would be inspired to come and enjoy the beautiful artistry that graced the stage.
Part 2 is about the story behind the show– to focus on the designers who invest their time and money and who expose their imaginations and souls on the catwalk to be judged.  

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