Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dean Renwick: Brand New at the Moustache Bash

Dean Renwick:
Brand New at the Moustache Bash

By Lynn Larson Armstrong

Dean Renwick, Designer,
Owner, Dean Renwick Design Studio 
Dean Renwick spends his days looking through the eye of the needle, creating a new clothing line that will walk off the runway in Regina and into the retail markets at home and in cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

On November 30, Dean Renwick is hosting the Moustache Bash, a fundraising fashion show in support of the Prostate Assessment Centre, southern Saskatchewan’s first one-stop leading edge diagnostic centre for prostate cancer.

“We are rolling out the blue carpet, celebrating men’s fashion and men’s health. Each man will be gifted with a tie or bow tie of his choice to wear at the event.

For the women in their lives, we will give them the gift of a clean-shaven man. Ragged Ass Barbers and the Hotel Saskatchewan Barber Shop will be offering straight razor shaves and moustache trims for a donation of $35.00 to the Prostate Assessment Centre.”

The event will be held at Regina’s most exclusive car dealership, Mercedes Benz, featuring a men’s fashion show and the launch of Dean Renwick’s brand new line.

“I would like to thank the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Creative Industries Transition Fund, my business partner Crystal Spooner, Bradbury Design, Edge Agency, and Eye Inspire Events who are helping make my dream a reality.”

“I can’t wait to share my new line and new life at the Moustache Bash.”

Dean Renwick Design Studio 
Moustache Bash
November 30, 2013 
Lisa Peters, 

Mercedes Benz Showroom 
777 S Broad Street, Regina

For tickets or sponsorship opportunities, contact:
Eye Inspire Events 

SKY Magazine is a proud sponsor of the Moustache Bash.

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