Tuesday, September 17, 2013

History Reborn: Regina Civic Museum

History Reborn:
Regina Civic Museum

Housed in Regina’s Warehouse District on 1375 Broad Street will be the Regina Civic Museum, featuring a curated collection of Regina’s history since our inception. 

There are pieces of the original Albert Street Bridge, collections from the majestic 1500-seat Capitol Theatre built in 1921 that once stood on the corner of 12th and Scarth, a fur press, and thousands of other artifacts that tell our story.

“The largest piece in our collection is the steam locomotive now sitting at

Casino Regina.The smallest articles are stamps and pieces of jewelry. The collection tells us stories about whom we are and how we came to be where we are ,” says Shari Sokochoff, Executive Director.

“There are amazing pieces that celebrate the beauty of our city, as well as give memory to the dark days. The Museum is home to the large stained glass window, which is the largest surviving artifact of
the Knox Presbyterian Church that was damaged in the Regina Cyclone of 1912.”

The initiative to re-invent the museum began in March 2012, when the Board of Directors of the then Regina Plains Museum established a new strategic direction to become Regina’s civic museum, preserving and representing the history of our city. The new direction was approved by City Council, recognizing the Regina Civic Museum as a community partner and a core functional organization in the city.

“As the city grows and evolves, it will be important for those who shared in the creation of our city from its inception to revisit these artifacts and what they mean to them. For new comers to our city, the Regina Civic Museum will be the place to learn about the city they now call home.”

For more information, please contact: 

Shari Sokochoff, Executive Director Regina Civic Museum

1375 Broad Street Regina 306.780.9435 

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