Thursday, December 5, 2013

Moustache Bash: A Fashion Exclusive Debut

Sky Magazine proudly sponsored the Moustache Bash, an event hosted by Fashion designer Dean Renwick, to not only launch his new line, but also to raise money for Prostate cancer research.

It was a blue carpet event tailored for men and their special someone. As we entered the event, which was fabulously organized by Lisa Peters, owner of Eye Inspire Events, the men were greeted with a bevy of bowties and neckties created by the masterful Renwick himself. Ladies were adorned with a handmade scarf of their choosing. The Reception was festive, with great food by Walnut Catering and fine spirits.

Inside the Shu-Box Theatre we were treated to a gymnastic episode complete with death defying flying objects and arm balances. The yogi in me was inspired to join in, but my four inch Sam Edelman's were saying no.

Colin O'Brian Mans Shoppe took the stage with their next season's finery. I wished my daughter/fashion designer was there. Her childhood friend Aaron Burnett styled the show and it was amazing.

The room went dark as Dean's Film Noir began to play, telling a dark albeit entertaining tale of a woman scorned who transforms into a devil in a red dress for her bed-ridden husband right before his eyes.  Helpless under her spell, He flat lines, and the fashion show begins.

Look after look, the women wore Dean's designs like they owned the world. And that's the point.

Dean's collection is for the woman who know what she wants and has the means to have it.  There's always a reason to wear a Renwick.

Fade to black. Flatline. Silence.  Applause.

Click here to see the video by Shawn Fulton Cinema & Photography

Film Noir, by Red Hat Studios

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