Sunday, October 26, 2014

Born to be Wild: The Making of the Red Issue

By Lynn Armstrong

There is always a song in my mind with each issue that plays over and over again. A song that calls out to me, and eventually I start to sing along. From there, SKY begins to take shape. Stories are written. Photographs are taken. Pages are designed, and the story of living well begins to be told. That is my process. The Fall SKY is inspired by the song ‘Born to be Wild’, the feeling of the open road, the smell of leather and the freedom of fringes and good old-fashioned defiance. Thank you to Fallon Huffman who brings the spirit of the traveller and the feeling of the open road to life on the cover. The Fall SKY is inspired by all things wild and free, and to those who are ready to fly.  

Searching for a location for the photo shoot.  

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the sky that night. 

Testing the open road concept - that’s my husband behind the camera. That’s me walking. 

Had to stop and let the wind blow.  Gotta love the prairie at sunset. 

Twirl.  You would too.  

Now you know what a bird on a wire is. 

The Traveller’s Journey includes a really awesome car. Originally I was thinking motor cycles, but then I thought,
why not go with the most beautiful car in the world. This is our 1967 Mustang. It has a 390 under the hood and it’s original with matching numbers.  She is ready for her moment in the sun. 

She is a beauty.  

Choosing the angle for the cover photo. That’s where the SKY wordmark goes - in the upper left hand corner. 

Shooting the cover, with Fallon Huffman and Carey Shaw. 

The Traveller’s Journey.  #girlboss 

That’s Merv.  He came to make sure nothing happens to the car. #nervousfather 

Fallon Huffman - the Traveller 

Sun was beginning to set. The bugs were getting intense. But the process continues.  

And it’s a wrap.  

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