Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thank you.

Meet the family who brings the sky to life this spring.  Meet Paige, Chad, Blake and Dierks.  They are the essence of living well.  

I would like to offer a special thank you to the amazing people who contributed to telling this story on the cover of SKY. 
FallonMazurkewich, of Queen V Fashion House, for her inspiration to create a spring tea party with water and ice;   
Ryley Koma of Wascana Flower Shoppe, for impeccable floral design and photo shoot styling;   
Kirk Leier, of KitchenGear, for trusting us with the Nachtmann Bossa Nova crystal whiskey glasses and jug;  
Sonja Clifton-Remple of Studio S Fashion House, for Paige’s Eileen Fisher outfit and Chie Mihara shoes; 
Trina of Trinos Menswear, for styling Chad in DKNY suit jacket, Mavi Jeans, and Horst shirt;  
Sarah Hegglin and Lucinda Leontowich of Blush Beauty Bar for Paige’s hair and makeup; and  
Nic Gignac and Lacey Baiton of Cafe Drip, for providing the space and warm light that helped bring the story to life. 

Photo Credit: Greg Huszar Photography

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