Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I bring you, the Spring SKY 2014

Publisher’s View: The Colour of the SKY in My World

Lynn Armstrong, Publisher, photographed
on the snow covered deck at Studio S Fashion House
on March 5, 2014.

Photo by Greg Huszar
Coat by Dean Renwick
Jewelry by Club Manhattan, Queen V Fashion House 
Jeans by Black Orchid, Queen V Fashion House
Boots by B.unique, Seed Sustainable Style.
Snow by Mother Nature. 

Spring. In like a lion, out like a lamb.  

We photographed the Spring SKY on March 5.  We awoke to a blizzard that blanketed most of southern Saskatchewan.  Driving conditions were treacherous with visibility near zero.  

By morning, 12 cm of snow had already fallen, and more was expected to fall with patches of freezing rain in Southern Saskatchewan.  Temperatures continued to dip over the week and a collective curse could be heard far and wide. Fists raised to the heavens, we cried, “my kingdom for a snow blower or a hot vacation.”

Springtime in Saskatchewan always comes in like a lion.  It is the season of water and ice, so it is fitting that our cover story this issue is the family who brings clear, clean water and gourmet ice to families, homes and businesses across Southern Saskatchewan. Paige, Chad, Dierks and Blake completely captivated the camera and in fact, the entire restaurant, and made us forget we were living our second winter that day. 

The Spring SKY is coming soon. Watch for it.  Like my page on Facebook so you can be among the first to see it. 

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