Thursday, March 20, 2014

2014 Spring SKY Cover Story: A Mission for Mankind . . . and Babies

Paige, Chad with twins Blake and Dierks
are the essence of living well. 

Photography:  Greg Huszar

By Lynn Armstrong

His hands carefully hold the crystal glass, taking a sip. He swishes the glass in a small circle and smiles as the ice clinks the side of the glass.  His name is Blake. He is two years old, and he loves a good glass of water, while his  twin brother Dierks attempts to remove the bolted seat from the floor. 

Blake and Dierks are the two-year-old twins of Chad and Paige Sveinbjornson, owners of Emerald Water & Ice in Regina.  Watching the family during the photo shoot, I couldn’t help but notice this family is the essence of living well.

Chad steadies the crystal glass as Blake slurps the water. Dierks climbs back on Paige’s knee for a drink. “They love water.  They think it’s a treat to have a glass of water,” Paige says.  We don’t drink juice or pop. When we are thirsty, we drink our water.”

Emerald Water & Ice is a Regina-based business that provides bottled water, gourmet ice, water purification and water filtration systems. They are passionate about clear, clean water and doing their part to sustain the environment for their babies.

 “Our mission statement is to provide mankind with a healthier, less expensive and more responsibly priced water purification and water filtration systems that do not damage the environment and waste our natural resources.” 

“All of our systems are designed and built right here in Regina.  Our retail division presently employs four full time logistic specialists, two sales representatives and two full time installers who are fully trained to provide on site service for our own systems as well as other systems and products,” explains Chad, Operations Manager, as the twins run off to explore the cafe. 

“We service own systems as well as other company’s systems and offer 24-hour pick up at our office. We travel across Southern Saskatchewan, so we offer distribution of dry and frozen goods.”

Emerald Water & Ice opened 2009, but the owners have been in the water purification industry for the past 16 years with a combined experience of over 30 years in the water industry.

“We can custom design and engineer the most advanced water purification systems for towns, villages, farms, acreages, home and business use,” says Chad.

“The best water is clean water.  That’s water you can’t see or taste,” Chad answers.  “Our water is smooth, clean and clear with no taste or after taste. “

“We are passionate about quality and providing a great product, something we would give to our family.”

“People see the connection between living well and good water”, says Paige.  “Drinking clean clear water contributes to a healthier body and mind. Our clients want the best for water for themselves and their families. We tailor our products to meet their needs, both in terms of the water type, packaging and systems. We are also proud to bring our brand new line of HIGH PH Re-mineralized water, an industry first.”

“People know they should drink good water, but get too busy.  I find that bottles are a great way to get the water a person needs in a day. We offer bottled water in three and five-gallon sizes, four litre bottles, and single serve bottles. We also personalize single serve water bottles for companies and fundraisers.”

“As a mother, I think about how many times we give our children juices rather than just water, or how many carbonated drinks and the associated calories we consume on any given day. Clean water is the best possible thing you can give yourself and your children to drink. It energizes the body and contributes to a lifetime of good health.”

Emerald Water & Ice Inc.
620 4th Ave East
Regina, Sask.
T: 306.791.2291

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