Thursday, March 13, 2014

Making the 2014 Spring SKY

We are just about to push send on the 2014 Spring SKY.  As I see it all come together, I am amazed, yet again, even more than the last time, if that is even possible.

The cover story is always a secret until the magazine launches, but I want to take some time to share what makes this issue so beautiful from cover to cover.

First, SKY is filled with stories about people who embody what it means to be an entrepreneur and to live well.  With each issue I get to learn more about the great entrepreneurs who are essential to our economic strength.  In my previous life, I was a corporate planner for large companies.  I look at these people on the pages of SKY and they have no interest in just working for a pay cheque or following some one's vision. These are people who work and live to their own vision, and I admire that. 

Second, the spirit of community and giving back is strongly represented in the spring SKY once again.  Entrepreneurs are doing their part to make the world that we live in a little better using their talents and their networks. I respect that and I am proud to support them in their giving back.  

Third, this issue is the best example of collaboration that I have experienced in producing SKY, or any thing else for that matter.  The cover inspiration came from a marketing mastermind who shall be revealed on the pages of the Spring SKY, which led to working with a creative genius to make it happen, and then retailers got involved to help express the vision of the cover that would tell the story of who we are as entrepreneurs, and what it means to live will.  

What is most inspiring to me of all is that SKY Magazine is part of the community and is a community unto itself.  The more SKY grows, the more the community grows, the more we can do to help each other.  Regardless of the product or services that are being promoted on the pages of SKY, the common red thread is that we are all dedicated to being successful in business, helping the community, giving back and taking the time for family, health and wellness.

With each issue, it has been my intention to not only create a beautiful, intelligent and informative product, but to promote the entrepreneurs who live the dream of living well. I am honoured to be entrusted as I have been.  I can't wait to share my 6th issue with you.  

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